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How To Turn Drawing Into an Addiction?

Computer games can be addictive. You play, make a small mistake and game over. But you feel it was a dumb, tiny mistake! You want to have *just one more go* at it, just this once, *this time* you will clear that hurdle. And you try again. When you succeed, your brain gets that shot of endorphins. You feel great, and you move on to the next level. And then the sun rises.

Programming can be like that. You write some code, but it doesn’t work! Just one small mistake. You go look for it, try to fix it. Just one more try. Solved! Endorphin rush. And you write the next bit of code. And then the sun comes up.

How do you create an addiction like that for drawing?

Try to find a nice looking subject that is *just* out of reach, and then keep at it until you get it right, and then feel that rush of endorphins!

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