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Developing Your Art Skills In Isolation

Franklin Booth is known for his amazing, beautiful pen drawings. There is a famous story about him; he saw the illustrations in newspapers and tried to make one similar to it with a dip pen. The thing is, these illustrations were woodblock engravings! But he lived in a rural area, disconnected from the world, and developed his own unique, gorgeous style. Many pen and ink artists who followed him - including many comics artists - were clearly inspired by his work.

Had he had access to artists of his time, he would probably have taken a very different path, and we would have missed out on something important.

It is a good idea to forge your own path, to develop in isolation a bit as an artist. This is not easy in modern times where social media tempt you to post everything.

Do some work in private! Develop, don’t show everything. When you have a stack of works, go through them and maybe share the things you still like, or like again.

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