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#154 - Why I Sometimes Skip Posting Art on Social Media For A While

The joys of social media for artists.

some of my sketchbook pages

In 2018, I decided I wanted to understand how Social Media works. I get it, and I learned a lot, and It doesn’t serve me as much anymore.

Posting online takes a lot of time. I was scanning the art, cleaning it, designing or cropping the image, writing a caption, waiting for the right time to post, responding to comments, and figuring out what works on the platform this week. Add to that, I get distracted by the endless feeds that are designed to be addictive, fast food for the brain.

And all I want to do is draw!

I post photos of finished sketchbook pages and other things I drew on now. That is okay, as these take very little time to post.

I enjoy writing articles like this one. They don’t take much time, and I hope they don’t take you much time to read! Because we have to focus on the thing we want to do: we want to draw.

And this would be a great moment to present something new:

ArtPodPlay : Listen to to great podcast episodes while drawing!
(open ArtPodPlay in separate page)

No need to go through lists podcasts, YouTube videos, music, to find the right thing to listen to. Check out ArtPodPlay, something I coded. It creates new random playlists with episodes from amazing podcasts. Just click on the play button, and start drawing.

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