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Find reference of a pose, and reference of a dressed person, and pose that person in that pose: combine two reference photos and turn it into something new.

Turning Something Into Something Else

Take a stain or an object and turn it into something else you can see in it.

Drawing From Observation

Find something you think looks beautiful - a human, location, object - and draw it carefully from observation.

Organic Forms

Practice drawing organic volumes. Draw cross-contour lines to to make sure you understand their volumes.

Primitive Volumes

Everything can be approximated with boxes, spheres, cylinders and cones, and it is a good exercise to practice drawing these from many orientations.

See And Draw Abstract Shapes

Find things, and find the abstract two-dimensional shapes in them.

Textures With a Pen

Draw one-inch rectangles, and try to come up with creative textures to fill them with.

Drawing Lines

Various exercises that help you become better at drawing lines accurately.

Focal Points

Create a sketch with a strong focal point.

One Line Art

Draw something with one single line.


Practice drawing typography.


Practice drawing folds.

Small Thumbnail Design Sketches

Practice drawing many small quick thumbnails to design something.


Practice drawing animals.


Practice drawing hands.


Draw cartoon or comic variations of faces.

Facial Features

Practice drawing the various facial features.

Head Construction

Try out different ways to construct the head in many orientations.

Gesture Drawing

Make many quick sketches of people in dynamic poses.

Draw From Memory

Look at reference, put it away and draw from memory. Use reference to fix mistakes, and then do it again.

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