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Rapidly become better at drawing with my quick, short, fun system for practicing!

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If you are like me, you like to download and hoard art education material. What if a website goes away in the future? To that end, I have made many art education materials on this website free to download!

The files can be used locally on your computer. You don't need to have a connection to my website, or the internet even.

Feel free to share the download with friends!

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Click on the button below to download a zip file. Unpack the zip file, and open the index.html file inside.


What's In The Download

A sampling of what's in the zip file:



My workbook contains quick, short, fun warm-up drawing exercises. They are great for keeping a small drawing habit going that improves your drawing skills at the same time.



Click on one of these images and draw along as this online tool lets you step through a drawing line by line.

3D Models

These 3D models can be rotated inside your browser. No need for any app or the internet!

Icons: 3D Model Index Rotate Zoom Pan Randomize Model



This web page allows you to play with perspective grids, drawing lines along perspective grid lines.

Check out Gridspective.

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