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We respect your privacy.
(effective date of this Policy: April 11th, 2023)

At practicedrawingthis.com, we respect your privacy. We endeavor to make our policies for the collection and use of information relating to you and others who use our services understandable, fair, and consistent with applicable privacy and data protection laws, and the EU privacy law in particular. We adhere to the principle of data minimisation, recording as little personal data as possible for practicedrawingthis.com to provide its services. This Privacy Policy describes the personal data we collect, how and why we use that data, the purposes for which we share that data with others, and how you can contact us to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have about our privacy practices or data that you have provided.

Personal Data We Collect and How We Use It

We only keep information about you if you give us permission.
We adhere to the principle of data minimisation and we retain the minimum amount of personal data necessary for as long as necessary to provide our service and to fulfill any other purposes for which the data was initially collected and to which you have given consent.

We only start storing cookies in your browser after you give us permission, consenting to us collecting the data by clicking on an Accept button.

You can fully use the website without accepting the cookies. If you click on the Reject link, your choice is stored in the localstorage of your browser. This information is never sent to our server.

The cookies just help us capture data to make the website function better.

The personal data we store is either given to us by you, or it is personal data generated by activities on our site.

Personal data you give us

You give us information about you.
Below, you can find the personal data we record for your account if you give it to us, with a short explanation of how we use the personal data:

  • Your email address, when you subscribe to our newsletter.

Personal data generated by activities on our site

We also remember things about how people use this website.
There is also personal data we record for your account that is generated when you interact with our site. Below is a list, with a short explanation of how we use the personal data:

  • We maintain backups of our databases, and your personal data may therefore still temporarily be stored in these backups for a short period after you closed unsubscribed from our newsletter. We need to create backups so that if the server breaks, we can reconstruct our newsletter.
  • We record which newsletters were sent to you and which newsletters you opened, so we can calculate the open rate and find out if we are doing something wrong. And it allows us to remove people from the email list if they haven't opened the newsletter for a while.
  • We store log files. These log files may contain anonymized data generated through your use of this website. We need to record things happening on the site in order to find out if things are going wrong, so we can fix it.
  • The server is configured to send emails that allow us to monitor these servers, in order to keep them up and running and secure. These emails may contain some of your personal data.
  • We use Google Analytics to understand how people use this website, but only after you accept these terms.
  • This website hosts Flatton — a web page where you can create color flats for an inked page. We occasionally store images sent to the server for diagnostic purposes.

Your Rights and Choices

Make sure you are allowed to use this website.
If you are legally allowed to visit this website and subscribe to our newsletter, you can.

You can change or remove information about you.
In accordance with EU Privacy Law, you have the "right to be forgotten", and so you can unsubscribe from our newsletter. You can do so by clicking on an unsubscribe link in the newsletter. Alternatively, you can do it here also.

When you subscribe to the newsletter, you consent to us storing your email address. When you unsubscribe from our newsletter, you withdraw consent from that moment on, but we were allowed to use your personal data up until the moment you withdrew consent by unsubscribing.

You have the right to contact a supervisory authority.
You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. In the Netherlands, the organisation to contact is the Authoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Data We Transfer to Third Parties

We try to limit what we tell other companies.
We host practicedrawingthis.com on a dedicated server at ixlhosting.nl. In practical terms, the employees have physical access to that server, and they may have access to the contents on the harddisks, and they may make backups of the system. However, ixlhosting stipulate in their terms of use, article 19.2 that they will not look at our data unless they are required to by law.

International Transfers

We don't share your information with anyone, but your data may pass through other systems and countries.
We are based in the Netherlands. Although you may access practicedrawingthis.com from a location outside of the Netherlands, any data collected in connection with practicedrawingthis.com may be transferred to, processed, and stored within the Netherlands. The Netherlands may not have the same data protection framework as the country in which you may be using practicedrawingthis.com. When we transfer your data to the Netherlands, we will treat you personal data in accordance with the requirements of the European Union Privacy laws.

Data Retention and Security

We do our best to keep information about you as safe as possible.
We maintain appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect personal data against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. We use Secure Sockets Layer encryption for the transmission all data. When sensitive data is involved, we encrypt it. We keep the data retained to a minimum, and we have backup systems in place to guard against data loss. Permissions on the server are carefully managed using the principle of least privilege. Care has been taken to avoid buffer overruns and malicious code injection.

Keeping a server secure is an on-going process as ways of compromising servers also evolve and practicedrawingthis.com is committed to stay ahead of any potential security issues.

Links to Other Websites and Services

We are not responsible for what other companies do.
We may provide links to various third party websites and services. Those sites and services are not under our control. Those sites and services may have their own privacy policies, which we strongly suggest you review if you visit them or utilize them. We are not responsible for those third party privacy policies, the related data processing practices, or any other aspects of those sites and services.

Changes to this Policy

If we make changes to this policy, we may need to ask you to accept these changes before you can continue using this website.
We may change this Privacy Policy at any time, and may even be required to do so under certain Regulations in the future. EU Privacy regulations require that we obtain consent from you for these changes. If such changes involve collection of or use of information materially different from that described in our Cookies Policy or Privacy Policy, we will inform you accordingly and post a revised Privacy Policy and a revised Cookie Policy. Changes are effective when disclosed, or at such later date as may be stated in the revised Policy. We will indicate above the effective date of this Policy. All sessions will be closed, and you will be required to consent to the changes on next log-in, before being able to continue using the services provided by practicedrawingthis.com.

How to Contact us

You can always contact us through .
If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices or your personal data, please contact our us through .

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