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#11 - My One Rule For Watching My Tutorial Videos

You have to do them!

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A video where we draw simplified volumes of an arm. This arm is based on a study @yuassamakoto shared on Twitter and Pinterest, likely inspired by George Bridgman’s studies of interlocking volumes.

I don’t mention my YouTube channel here too often because if you were interested in it, you would have subscribed to the channel. But even if you have subscribed, YouTube doesn’t always show you my videos.

As you may have seen on my YouTube channel, I am experimenting with a new format where you see me draw from reference, and you see the reference too so that you can also draw from that same reference.

The video at the top is an example. It has some rain sound. It rained, and I just turned on the microphone. I wanted to try that. I don’t think it is the best idea now, but I had to try. I feel more of a connection with an artist when I see and hear them in their video. There is an audience for these sounds, but these are people trying to fall asleep, and I am looking for people trying to draw more.

The great thing about YouTube is that you don’t get punished for experimenting. It is even beneficial to do so: you find out what works.

But next time, you will hear me blabber on about something art-related again.You should experiment with your art also, by the way. If a path you are following leads to a dead-end, it’s not the end of the world, and you increased the chance that you could stumble onto something new and extraordinary.

I am planning many more. The next ones will be with me drawing again, and you will see me drawing. I make these videos also because they are fun and because they get me to draw a lot!

I have to practice drawing these myself many times first before confidently drawing them in the video. I listen to YouTube videos as I do.

Everything about Practice Drawing This is to make it easier to start drawing.

There are rules for watching the above video: you don’t have to draw, but you do have to have a sheet of paper in front of you and a pen or pencil in your hand. The reason for this is that it just becomes much easier to start drawing that way. With an empty sheet of paper in front of you, and a pen in your hand, and a reference to copy in front of you, what is stopping you from just doing that drawing for a few minutes as a warm-up?

I thought that introducing these rules could be a fun addition! What do you think?

Remember! You don’t have to draw. You just have to hold a drawing tool while looking at a reference. See what happens!


This week has been busy for me! October is always a busy month for us as there are a few birthdays that need to be arranged, so I didn’t draw as much as I had wanted to. That daily drawing prompt challenge that runs through October is frankly never an option for me because October is so busy.

I bought a new audio recorder though, and a new microphone, and blankets for acoustic treatment of my studio. I made my studio more suitable for recording by hanging blankets around me.

I need to hang up more of them, but they are already helping dampen the echoes. The recorder and microphone have a big impact on the quality of the audio. I’m working on videos where you can see me draw at a drawing table as you hear me discuss some art-related topic, with the reference I am drawing or drawing from.

There is so much to learn when making YouTube videos! The blankets are about what they call acoustic treatment: They reduce the echo in the room and make the sound more pleasing to listen to. There’s a whole art behind that.

Sound proofing is about keeping unwanted sounds out of the room. I am finding I don’t need that as much if I just record in the evening when the world has fallen silent.

I have taken to recording audio and video separately because they interfere. For good audio, I need to record in the evening. But then I need to use light, which creates an audible buzz sound. The videos I am preparing now actually have three recordings: one audio recording of me talking, one where you see my hand draw from the reference you see on the screen, and a recording where you see me at a table, drawing.

I am kind of designing this process so that I get to draw as much as possible. I am clearly still getting distracted from drawing a lot.

Right now, for example, I am writing this instead of drawing!

But I am improving the process, one little step at a time, and finding more and more time in my life to draw.

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