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This website is designed to guide you toward your sketchbook, so there is no menu or index. Each click should bring you closer to an end page with a drawing exercise.

If you've come here, though, you really want to know more! Below is an overview of the website. It includes resources for artists that are still there but are hidden and not directly available through clicking links on the website. I am actively searching for great drawing exercises and the ideal online presentation. Many versions presented below were earlier attempts at presenting drawing exercises online. There may be some gems in there for you.

The Newsletter

I have a newsletter I send out every Friday. It's generally a short article with some thought for artists to ponder. You can subscribe here or dive into the archive first here to see if it is your cup of tea.

The Workbook

I have tried several ways of presenting drawing exercises online over the past few years, and I have arrived at this straightforward approach: a set of warm-ups you can do before drawing. Each consists of a dexterity exercise and a memory exercise. You can check it out here. The course comes with a Discord server, which you can join here.


I have taken to doing demonstrations of the systems for practicing that I present in the workbook. The demonstrations can be found here.

3D Models

I collect 3D models you can use for reference while drawing. You can view, rotate, and move them around inside your browser. You can find the entire index here.

Perspective Grids

I made a perspective grid tool to place lines aligned to perspective grids. It allows you to construct cubes in space, cut from them, and add to them. The original idea was for it to be a way to prepare a perspective grid to print out so you could use it under a drawing. Nowadays, I prefer to eye-ball perspective. It's much more fun, and I get believable results if I do it carefully.

It's still fun and instructive to play with. You can find it here.


I had the idea of chaining drawing exercises that combined well together, and the first approach was one where you were guided through a slideshow that presented the steps in sequence. You can find the workouts here.


started writing guides after realizing that these were timeless resources. Sharing them in one newsletter article or a social media post didn't seem right. You can find them here.


I'm working on a podcast designed to be listened to while drawing. I'm still working out the right format for it. You can find episodes I made here.

Instagram Tutorial Carousels

I made tutorials for Instagram long ago. You can see a selection of my favorite ones here.

Comparing Your Art

I made this page where you can select a reference photo and then look through a camera on your phone with the reference image transparently overlaid to compare your drawing to the reference image. The idea is to see if you got proportions and such wrong.

I have since realized that we are not cameras; we are not copying machines. We should use reference images, but we do not have to follow them to the tee. We should allow ourselves to deviate from the reference, especially to say something about it.

You may find it useful, so you can find it here.

I also have some references prepared if you don't have any. You can go to this version, select a reference photo to draw, and then compare your drawing to the reference.

Draw Alongs

I made online viewers where you can click through and see a drawing being created line by line. You draw along, placing the red highlighted line and relating it to the previously placed lines. It is helpful if or when you don't know what to draw. You can find it here.

Daily Drawing Exercises

I had a slew of drawing exercises presented in a vertical format to scroll through and follow step by step. The idea was that vertical scrolling was more natural on screens as we're already used to scrolling that way. They were set up as daily exercises and sent out in a daily version of my newsletter. This overwhelmed people who were subscribed to it, so I abandoned the daily email. The exercises are still there. My views on what good drawing exercises are have evolved, but you can still find them here.

Daily Drawing Habit Tracker

I made a daily drawing habit tracker, which you can find here. The problem is that my ideas have evolved, and I don't consider it healthy anymore for artists to force themselves onto a daily grind. Push versus pull: you should have so much fun with it that you want to draw.


I have a YouTube channel where I am active, on and off. You can find it here.


I share slides with forms and form studies on Pinterest. These are doing well over there: people like to pin them to their boards, and others find them. You can see my Pinterest here.


I share my sketchbook pages here on Instagram here. I share the same pages at the top of my newsletter articles. Instagram is where it all started, but I now place my main art and writing on my website.


Lastly, there is an about page about this website. You can find it here.

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