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#65 - 3D Cube Models For Perspective Drawing Practice: Simplified Torso

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This week, I wanted to share this parametric 3D model that is essentially two boxes randomly oriented so that they represent a hip and a chest posed in dynamic orientations.

Torso Simplified To Two Boxes
The human torso consists of the chest and the hips. The chest and the hips are two rigid forms connected through your flexible spine, and their relative orientations have a huge impact on the gesture of the pose.

The tips I gave last week relating to drawing from these parametric 3D models are also valid for this 3D model. However, I would add the tip that it can be fun to draw actual but still simplified chests and hips inside the boxes and to add upper arms to add expressiveness to the pose. You’ll find that one can pose the arms independently from the torso.

You may find that you may want to change the relative proportions of the two boxes.

The belly in between the chest and the hips is soft and squishy. The chest holds it inside, together with the stomach muscles, and the hips carry the weight.

You can also draw a hint of the squishy belly into your sketches.

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