This is a fun thing to do!͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ This newsletter is about drawing. It goes out every Friday. Want to draw? Then check out my free workbook!

#95 - Collaborate With Your Child - Use This Novel Method To Introduce Fun Into The Art Creation Process

This is a fun thing to do!

Warm-Up Drawing Exercises

some of my sketchbook pages
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As explained in another article, the most important thing about creating an enduring habit is ensuring you are consistently happy with the outcome and that the results are rewarding and satisfying.

One thing you can do is create art together with your child. It’s special to do something together. Let them finish your drawings; you’ll love how it comes out.

My stains into things exercise is also a fun thing to do with children.

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