But do come out of your comfort zone if you do not want to become bored. ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ ͏ ‌     ­ This newsletter is about drawing. It goes out every Friday. Want to draw? Then check out my free workbook!

#97 - Artists, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone, but Not Too Much! Stay NEAR Your Comfort Zone

But do come out of your comfort zone if you do not want to become bored.

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I wrote another article about the most critical aspect of a good habit, which is that you are consistently satisfied with the outcome so that you are motivated to do the same thing the next day.

You often hear the advice that you should get out of your comfort zone. This Is good advice, too, because if you don’t, you will get bored. I wrote about the five stages of skill here.

The trick is to stay near your comfort zone, to try something that is only slightly different from what you usually do so that you stretch yourself but are still happy with the result.

Find your “happy place,” your comfort zone, first. Find out what you can draw well, and go from there.

And as I wrote here, stop when you have a pleasant result because it is more likely that you will crave doing the same thing the next day. And so, a habit forms.

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