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#99 - This Common Wisdom Is Not True! It Is Not About Doing Something For Ten Thousand Hours

Even though it sounds reasonable, it is not.

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You often hear about the ten thousand hour rule: you have to do something for ten thousand hours to become good at it.

The problem is that you will only be able to do it for ten thousand hours if you are motivated on a daily basis.

I used to think you could only become good at something if you enjoyed doing it. Otherwise, you could not keep going for ten thousand hours.

The truth is, that is not sufficient, either. And no matter what activity you do, there will always be things you have to do that you don’t enjoy doing.

The secret ingredient is that you are consistently satisfied with new results, your output, and the things you try. The ten thousand hours just happen when you are satisfied with results daily.

Search for things you can draw well consistently, and then start experimenting a little from there.

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