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#108 - Make a Photo Of Your Art To See Your Art In A Different Way and Notice New Things About It That You Want To Fix

Improve a piece of art by critically examining if it is ready for public view.

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When I was starting on Instagram, a funny thing would happen: I’d finish a piece of art, take a photo, and post it. But just before posting it, I’d see all sorts of things wrong with it!

I’d go back into the drawing and fix things, take a new photo and post it.

Taking photos of my work and looking at it at this small size helped me see things wrong with it. This may also be because the contrast was different.

This is not the same as I wrote about in another article, about taking a step back from your work. I was already doing that.

And yet, if I took a photo and looked at it, I saw new things!

When you write, it is a good idea to print out your writing and edit it later. For some reason, you see mistakes on paper you don’t see on a screen.

Much later, I started filming myself drawing for Shorts and Reels. The surprising thing was that much like I described here, how you could STARE at how your favorite artists draw or paint , it allowed me to STARE at my hand while it was making marks. I had these videos, and I could analyze my performance, notice where my skills were falling short, and then devise an exercise that helped me improve.

Swimmers film themselves swimming, then analyze the footage with their trainer to see where they can shave off another one-hundredth of a second.

Make recordings of your work or your hand as you work, and look at it. Notice things. Find out what you want to change, and figure out how to.

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