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#110 - What You Feel While Drawing - Notice How You Respond To Surrounding Silence

The importance of focusing on what happens inside your mind as you draw.

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This is the first article in a short mini-series that encourages you to focus on what you feel when you draw. Today’s article is about an insight I got from the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.

In that book, Betty Edwards explains that we need to shut down the voice inside our heads.

I wrote about this before, but I wanted to turn it into an exercise.

For your next drawing, work hard to shut down the voice in your head. No words.

You will find that thoughts keep bubbling up. Gently push them aside.

You’ll notice that a silent part of your brain can suddenly express itself. You will ‘feel’ when a line comes out right because that silent part of your brain gets excited.

It is incredibly cool when a mark doesn’t come out as you intended, but it looks even more fantastic than you had planned. This soft-spoken side of your brain can tell you that. It reacts by being excited. You found a ‘happy accident’!

The loudmouth in your head would have drowned out that soft, gentle feeling.

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