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#124 - Can You Draw Boxes WITHOUT Using Perspective Grids?

This article continues my series of YouTube videos about drawing exercises where I take a new slant to the drawing exercise. In this one, I discuss whether you must create a perspective grid with vanishing points to draw believable boxes in three dimensions.

You don’t.


In this video, I work with a 3D model on this website. You can use it to create random overlapping sets of arbitrarily oriented boxes so you can start drawing them.

You’ll start by copying them by sight, but soon, you will discover that you can cheat: the boxes don’t have to be the exact “right” size, and you can invent boxes and add them. The box ribs need to point roughly in the direction of the right vanishing point to look good: draw the rib lines almost parallel, but err on the side, and let them converge slightly toward each other in the distance, and it will look fantastic.

All without a perspective grid. Try it out!

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