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#134 - THIS Is Part Of Your Creative Routine Too

When you do not feel like drawing, do this instead.

some of my sketchbook pages
Uncluttering your workspace is part of your creative process.

The photo at the top of this article shows the workspace I cleared for drawing yesterday. It’s in our office space and a perfect spot for drawing; it’s easy to go to, and nice bright sunlight shines through the windows.

As I mentioned in my workbook , you can clear your workspace if you don’t feel like drawing. I felt like drawing yesterday, but all the spaces where I could draw were just too cluttered.

On the desk, you see a sketchbook, my favorite pens within reach, reference images, an iPad for putting on reference images, YouTube, Netflix, or Spotify, a headset, an art book that inspires me to draw if I need it, reading glasses, and there is a comfy chair.

I can go there and start drawing.

Maintaining your environment is part of the creative process.

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