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#111 - What You Feel While Drawing - Notice How Background Sounds Influence Your Concentration

What background sounds are best while drawing?

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This article is part of a mini-series of articles that help you notice how you feel while drawing. Another article was about shutting out language from your thoughts so that you could start to ‘feel’ your drawing, feel when lines came out right, even in unintended ways. The happy accidents.

This article will discuss background sounds and how they can be beneficial or detrimental.

Background sounds in a coffee place: you can see many people working behind their laptops in coffee shops. There is something about the sounds there that can help you focus on your work.

Music: Music can get me in the right mood for a piece. You may have luck using the same music while working on a project for a prolonged time. Hearing the music can get you into the right mood to continue working on it.

Podcasts, interviews, audio-only YouTube videos: When I am inking a penciled piece, listening to voices keeps my mind engaged, and I calm down and get into the flow of inking.

I can’t listen to anything while writing text. I love listening to upbeat music while programming as it brings me into that manic nervous focused coding state I love.

While drawing, I love to listen to podcasts and interviews.

YouTube can be great for that, but not the ones where I have to look at the screen because I need to look at what I am drawing.

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