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#135 - Do Not Make Topical Sketchbooks, Because That Is Too Ambitious, And Sketchbooks Should Be For Fun And Play

Do This Instead!

Warm-Up Drawing Exercises

some of my sketchbook pages
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If you’re like me, you have a stack of unfinished sketchbooks. You decide to practice a new thing and pick a fresh sketchbook dedicated to it. But before you finish the sketchbook, you decide to practice something else. New-sketchbook-time!

Do this instead: dedicate each page spread to a specific type of practice. The page spread will look good, as will the sequence of page spreads.

For example, when doing the exercises from my drawing exercises workbook , I’ll do the dexterity warm-ups on one page and the memory drawing exercises on another, separate page. The spreads end up at the top of my newsletter articles.

I learned this myself when doing the workbook exercises with having sharing the page spreads in my newsletter in mind: the dexterity and warm-up exercises often don’t look that nice when placed together, but a whole page dedicated to one form of practice does tend to look good, and this is important because you stay motivated if the results of your drawing sessions are pleasing.

Dedicate each page spread to a specific exercise; don’t dedicate a whole sketchbook.

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