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#141 - Artists, Remove Yourself From Fast-Paced Scrolling On Social Media, Slow Down And Notice What That Does For Your Creative Routine

The anti-dote to social media induced short attention spans.

Drawing Demo

demonstration of how to draw using preliminary studies

Drawing demonstration: reference pose imagined from other angles.

Demo: Angry Butler-Heinrich Kley

In this age of incessantly and rapidly scrolling past posts on social media, I find it useful to slow down and stay with one reference image for a longer time, maybe even more than one day. As I repeatedly try to draw it in different ways, the reference image slowly reveals its secrets to me. It tells me which landmarks I need to get exactly right for the drawing to look right and which aspects of a drawing I can have fun with.

My demonstrations are an example of this. Spending much time with one of these illustrations while they slowly reveal their secrets is quite the anti-dote for social media addiction!

This week, try to do the same. Take a reference image and sit with it for a while. Try to draw it a dozen or so times using different methods: quick small thumbnails, gesture drawings, shape studies, and form studies.

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