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#142 - Art Is Not Just Pretty Objects, But Also A Conversation The Artist Has With Their Audience

And that is good news, even for us introverts.

Drawing Demo

demonstration of how to draw using preliminary studies

Drawing demonstration: drawing hair.

Drawing Demonstration: The Hair Helmet-Heinrich Kley

I noticed long ago that if I listened to a podcast interview with an artist and the artist said interesting things, I would look them up online.

There have been Kickstarters I didn’t want to support because I didn’t like the creator behind them or the group they were a part of.

Of course, when you support an artist, it is because you love their work. But a big part of it is that you know and like them. You have to also root for them to succeed. For that, you need to feel a connection with them somehow.

Liking an artist makes you want to see or read their work. And to like them, you need to know them, understand them, and know what makes them tick. Or at least a bit.

This has consequences for you as an artist: you can’t just put work out there. People want to know more about you, the person behind the art, and you must give them that.

This is a problem for introverts who like to work in private. You’re an artist because you enjoy your own company and like spending hours with yourself in your sketchbook or studio.

Only share online what you are willing to share! Do consider things you’d like to keep private.

But if you share some things about yourself, an audience can start to feel a bond with you.

The good news is that this is one thing Artificial Intelligence can not copy by definition, as there is no human behind it, no person you can connect with.

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