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#143 - Things To Be On The Lookout For If You Want To Stay Motivated To Draw

It is sometimes a miracle that we draw at all.

Let’s look at a few things that might jeopardize your creative habit.


Exhaustion leads to burnout. If you keep trying to do something and failing, you eventually become exhausted as you try harder and harder. You burn out.

Doing a draw-250-boxes challenge is exhausting, as is working really hard to maintain an ambitious social media schedule. You eventually burn out.

To avoid burnout, get enough rest and relaxation. Spend some time with friends and family and give it all your attention.

Also, creatively, have things to fall back on that you can do that are easy and fun to do so you can rest, lick your wounds, recuperate, and gather energy to dive into the adventure of the unknown again.


If you’re doing something too easy for you for too long, you might eventually get bored and not feel like drawing. You’re not being challenged. You’re staying in your comfort zone. You’ll eventually stop drawing.

The solution is to get out of your comfort zone, try new things, and challenge yourself.


If you try to do something that is way too difficult, you will fail, which may eventually be demotivating enough for you not to want to draw anymore.

You are getting too far out of your comfort zone.

The solution is to leave your comfort zone, but only slightly. Stay near your comfort zone.

You may also temporarily get in your comfort zone to regain motivation. It is motivating if a drawing succeeds; you might need that motivation after failing too often.

Being Out Of It

I don’t quite know why, but if you haven’t drawn for a while, it is tough to get back into the habit. For some reason, we feel a lot of resistance to starting.

The solution is to start, but expect a little. You will be rusty, and the work that comes out will initially not be good. Fill pages you intend to throw away. Don’t make it ambitious. Just start and figure it out.

Not Having Time

Sometimes, life is busy. School, work, household chores, taking care of family, sleeping, needing to work out, taxes, it can all be a bit much sometimes.

Try this: track everything you do on a calendar for a week. You might be surprised how much time you waste on things like watching films or series, playing games, or using social media.

Design a drawing habit that feels relaxing and fun, and try to do that instead of wasting time on other things.


Sometimes, it’s a miracle we draw at all!

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