#59 - The Unique Thing Each Artist Can Do Is Give Their Perspective, Say Something About A Subject In Their Art

Children do this naturally. Their drawings always make a statement about something.

There is a drawing by a child in chapter five of the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.

#58 - These Are The Steps You As An Artist Should Take If You Want To Take On An Assignment For A Commission

This is how you prevent yourself from wasting time on a customer.

In this article, I will dive deeper into the steps you need to take to make an illustration assignment for a client you take on a success.

#57 - The Rules For Making Art Are Actually More Like Ingredients For A Meal - You Get To Choose Which Ones You Want To Add Or Leave Out Of Your Creative Process

One way of looking at the rules of art making.

You have probably heard of many rules of art, and I want to focus on one specific one because I think it is instructive.

#56 - We Artists Need To Learn To Create Like A Child Again And To Just Have Fun With It

This art thing was supposed to be fun, wasn’t it?

When my daughter was around two, I remember that she was drawing, and I decided to draw along with her. I took a color pencil, and I started to make lines on the same paper.

#55 - The Reason Missing Deadlines Is Often A Good Idea

Why it can often be better to just miss deadlines.

Long ago, I worked at a software company where they had aggressive, ambitious product plannings.

#54 - The Case Against Calling Yourself An Artist

Because being an artist comes with external expectations.

People act surprised when I tell them that I don’t see myself as an artist.

#53 - A Weekly Reset Helps Artists Not Get Stuck In A Routine That Is Not Working

Do this every weekend.

What went right, what went wrong, and what do you want to change for the coming week?

#52 - A Great Way To Improve Your Art Is To Find A Way To See Your Work As New Audiences Would See It

Look at your work with a fresh pair of eyes, like others would see it.

Surely, “Practice Drawing This” has gone crazy? Artists, eating dog food? Stay with me, though.

#51 - Become A Better Artist By Becoming A Teacher And Explaining Things You Learned To Others

Artist, Compete With Me! And do it for your own benefit!

A while back, something incredible happened; The Inktober account on Instagram suddenly shared two of my posts. My account started growing like crazy after that, which was awesome! (By the way, I think that might still be one of the significant ways you become more visible, anywhere, is when a well-known name shares your work, but I digress.)

#50 - Games And Systems Can Be A Great Way For Creatives And Artists To Come Up With New Ideas

On making practice fun.

Recently, I was reading “Creating Comedy Narratives For Stage And Screen” by Chris Head—it’s surprising how much you can learn when reading non-fiction books about subjects adjacent to creating art—and one great insight from it, for me, is that comedy writers will create little games that help them generate comedy ideas.

#49 - As An Artist, Do Anything You Like, Follow Your Muse, Do Not Get Stuck Doing Things That Bore You

The benefits of doing many different things.

This week, I will argue that you should consider doing many different things instead and not stick to doing one thing.

#48 - As An Artist, You Need To Think About That One Thing You Want To Be Known For - Stick To Doing Only One Thing!

But should you stick to just one thing? I stubbornly make the case here.

You know link trees: Instagram, and many other platforms, allow you to have one link in your bio. But you do so much! You have a YouTube channel. An Etsy shop! A website! And more!!!

#47 - What Are The Benefits Of Going To Art Academy, And Should You Go To One If You Want To Become A Better Artist?

Is it worth your time and money?

Should You Go To Art Academy? Here are my thoughts on that.

#46 - Make Many Drawings Instead Of Trying To Make A Few Good Ones

The other half was instructed just to make as much as they could.

#45 - Heinrich Kley - Leut und Viecher, published 1912 - high-resolution scans

Look at what I was able to get my hands on!

#44 - The Case For Just Making Things That Please You As An Artist

You choose which of the two is more applicable to you.

#43 - The Case For Making Art With An Audience In Mind - But You Get To Choose The Audience!

The case for catering to an audience.

If you want to make money with your art, or if you are just out for admiration from an audience (and it is a good idea, to be honest about that, to know what drives you), you need to make something they need.

#42 - As An Artist, Should You Make Things That Are Popular, Or Should You Make Things That Make YOU Happy?

What would you choose?

All I can do that could be of value to you is lay out the advantages and disadvantages of each.

#41 - The Relative Benefits Of The Top-Down Versus The Bottom-Up Approach When Learning To Draw

Two ways you can learn art.

Forty-two years ago—I might as well tell you that I am an old man—my father started teaching me how to program. We had an Osborne computer, and my father taught me how to program in Basic, the programming language you had on all these computers back then.

#40 - The Benefits For Artists Of Working LESS efficiently!

Or rather, slow down!

Seinfeld has this trick: he’ll sit behind his desk. He doesn’t HAVE to write, but he is not allowed to do anything else.

#39 - The Benefits For Artists Of Working MORE Efficiently

Or should you?

The teachers would constantly contradict each other at the art academy, and I loved it! They would explain why, and each had their point, and they were each right in their way, leaving it to the student to decide which approach was best for them.

#38 - Rembrandt Did Not Have A PlayStation - Modern Day Artists Have To Create In A Very Different Environment

So do not beat yourself up over it.

Rembrandt did not have a PlayStation. Think about what that meant for his productivity!

#37 - The BEST Introduction To Perspective Ever--And It Is Available For FREE Online!

There are amazing free online learning resources online.

I was constantly struggling to with coming up with illustrations that go with a text. But then I thought, why? The illustrations are there to break the block of text and to give your eye a place to linger. All it has to be is an illustration, any illustration.

#36 - Marshall Vandruff Created This Free Figure Drawing Bootcamp Which You MUST Check out!

There are some amazing free educational resources out there.

Check out Marshall Vandruff’s YouTube channel!

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