#83 - Why A Teacher At Art Academy Taught Us This One Thing - Take A Step Back

One important way you can improve your art.

At my art academy, we had a teacher who had set himself a goal of teaching us one specific thing: to take a step back.

#82 - Why The Size Of Your Sketchbook Is Important For Both The Quality OF Your Art AND Your Creative Process

On the relative virtues of large and small sketchbooks.

When you go outside, it is a good idea to always have a sketchbook on you.

#81 - More Drawing Workouts - Sequences Of Drawing Exercises That Go Well Together

Two more drawing workouts.

In this article, I’d like to share two more drawing workouts! They are both fun and easy ones: drawing shapes from observation and memory.

#80 - Drawing Workouts - Sequences Of Drawing Exercises That Go Well Together

Here are one drawing workout.

I am creating “Drawing Workouts,”; a series of short drawing exercises that go well together in sequence.

#79 - They Say Becoming Better At Art Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint, But Not Even That Is True

A good way to look at your long-term art creation process.

Your art creation process should involve daily sessions of joy, relaxation, meditation, reflection.

#78 - Writing Can Be An Effective Activity To Help You Become A Better Visual Artist

Writing can help you become a better visual artist, too.

Sketchbooks are good tools you can use to work through issues and ideas.

#77 - The BEST Drawing Exercise I Know, Number 1 (Gustave Dore)

I want to try out a new series of articles that takes you through the drawing-from-memory exercise I love so much.

#76 - A Great Drawing Exercise That Jogs Your Creative Muscles

This is a fun drawing exercise you can do with children, too.

Our brains are wired to see patterns. Look at clouds, and chances are you will start to see dogs and rabbits and faces in them.

#75 - Making Art That Pleases You Will Lead To Making Art That Audiences Admire

Creating things just for the likes and follows on social media is ultimately unfulfilling, and you end up making things that work for the algorithm rather than things that are good.

#74 - Make Your Drawing Exercises Harder To Do, And Regular Drawing Will Become Much Easier - A Way To Improve Fast As An Artist

Ironically, this makes drawing easier.

Trying to become better at something, try a much more difficult version of it, and then return to the original process later to see what it did for you.

#73 - Practicing Drawing Cylinders Is A Good Way To Warm Up And It Is Surprisingly Useful

I am focusing on drawing in my sketchbook and not showing the results to anyone, but I get a dopamine hit from sharing work, and creating these posts can be fun when there isn’t the pressure to post daily. I felt like sharing a drawing exercise again, so here goes.

#72 - Did You Ruin A Page In Your Sketchbook? Here Is How To Use That Sketchbook To Become An Even Better Artist

What sketchbooks are REALLY for

You know the feeling. You’re afraid to draw in that beautiful sketchbook, worrying that you will ruin that page and the entire sketchbook as a consequence.

#71 - Artists, Consolidate What You Learned, Keep Practicing Until It Becomes Second Nature Is Better Than Looking For New Art Tutorials Online

Do this instead of looking for tutorials online and only superficially studying them.

What should you do otherwise instead? Look at the lessons you learned recently, open your sketchbook, and practice these.

#70 - Art Students Gravitate Toward 3D Form Studies As A Way To Become Better Artists, But There Are Even Better Ways To Study

We’re all on a journey to becoming a better artist and I share here what I learn along the way.

#69 - A FUN variation On Drawing From Memory, A Wonderful Way To Use Your Imagination While Drawing

You do not have to draw the entire thing from memory. Do this if you forgot parts of a reference image.

You can vary many parameters, like the interval between memorizing and drawing—minutes, hours, or days? Or which materials to use—erasable pencil or pen? What to memorize, et cetera.

#68 - What And How Much Artists Should Share Online About Themselves And Their Art

And the relative merits of keeping things private in your sketchbooks.

This is how every artist should be dealing with social media.

#67 - How Artists Can Make The Most Of A Museum Visit

There is just so much to see, plan to spend time with just a few masterpieces.

This has implications for how we artist can make the best use of a museum visit.

#66 - Become A Better Artist By Reading Non-Art Related Non-Fiction Books?

I will give an example of something I learned from a non-fiction book, something that made me a better artist.

#65 - 3D Cube Models For Perspective Drawing Practice: Simplified Torso

This week, I wanted to share this parametric 3D model that is essentially two boxes randomly oriented so that they represent a hip and a chest posed in dynamic orientations.

#64 - 3D Cube Models For Perspective Drawing Practice: Stacked Boxes

I added some new cool free artist’s resources to the Practice Drawing This website: parametric 3D models designed for drawing practice!

#63 - When It Comes To Sketchbooking, There Are No Rules, Use Your Sketchbook To Experiment

I firmly believe in listening to your Muse: draw what you want. If you force yourself into doing certain drawing practice exercises, the fun of drawing will eventually go away if you push yourself too hard.

#62 - An Example Drawing Reference Deep Dive - Sit With A Reference Image For a Longer Time And Let It Slowly Reveal Its Secrets

This is a fruitful way to practice from reference. It helps me draw it from my imagination later.

#61 - You Can Learn A Lot As An Artist From Watching How Other Artists Create

You CAN become better at drawing by watching online videos.

We live in a fantastic time when we can watch our favorite artists draw in online videos. This is an amazing resource for learning.

#60 - HAVING Knowledge Is Not The Same As APPLYING That Knowledge

If you see others doing something wrong, there is a chance you are doing it wrong also.

My Practice Drawing This project is about tips—for myself and for you—on how to make the most of your free time and be creative as much as possible.

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