#103 - Making It Easy To Start Drawing Every Day Is A Good Way To Make A Drawing Habit Stick

Hemingway did this, and visual artists can, too.

If you have some pending tasks that are easy to do when drawing, consider leaving them for tomorrow because this makes it easier for you to start drawing again tomorrow.

#102 - As A Drawing Exercise, Fix Mistakes Other Artists Made - But Keep It To Yourself!

But do keep it to yourself!

We all make different mistakes. This is true for drawing, too. You can spot mistakes in someone else’s drawing, and the other can spot them in yours.

#101 - Draw The Same Thing Over And Over Again And You Become Better At Drawing That Thing

You can become better at something through repetition.

Try this: select an image you love for reference, and draw it repeatedly, looking at what is wrong and fixing it in the next iteration until you get it right.

#100 - Things That Are Easy Or Hard To Draw -Trees And Female Faces

Things that are easy to draw versus hard to draw.

The face of a woman, a child, hands, the expression of a mouth are relatively hard to draw because we know what they are supposed to look like because we see them so often.

#99 - This Common Wisdom Is Not True! It Is Not About Doing Something For Ten Thousand Hours

Even though it sounds reasonable, it is not.

You often hear about the ten thousand hour rule: you have to do something for ten thousand hours to become good at it.

#98 - What Happens In Your Sketchbook When You Tell Yourself You Will Not Show The Sketchbook Pages To Other People

This is how you should look at them.

I find sketchbook pages gorgeous. I love pouring over sketchbook pages by other artists.

#97 - Artists, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone, but Not Too Much! Stay NEAR Your Comfort Zone

But do come out of your comfort zone if you do not want to become bored.

Find your “happy place,” your comfort zone, first. Find out what you can draw well, and go from there.

#96 - Drawing Portraits Using Online Sources For Reference

Another idea for using online reference for artists.

There are great resources online to look for; faces that are tremendous to practice drawing from.

#95 - Collaborate With Your Child - Use This Novel Method To Introduce Fun Into The Art Creation Process

This is a fun thing to do!

One thing you can do is create art together with your child. It’s special to do something together. Let them finish your drawings; you’ll love how it comes out.

#94 - Drawing Is Not Writing And This Has Consequences For How You Should Hold Your Pen Or Pencil While Drawing

There are different ways you can hold pens and pencils!

When we learn to write, we learn to hold our pen near the tip as it gives us precise control.

#93 - A Website With All-Ages Appropriate Pose Reference For Artists To Use To Practice Drawing The Human Form

Another great online resource for artists.

Jookpubstock is a website with all-ages-appropriate pose reference images you can practice drawing from.

#92 - The Advantage You Have Over Rembrandt - What Woulld Rembrandt Have Done With All The Art Resources We Have At Our Disposal Today?

Advantage modern technology provide that we artists do not make enough use of.

When Rembrandt apprenticed, he learned to draw by copying illustrations his master had in his possession.

#91 - A Free Online Drawing Class As An Alternative To Live Model Drawing Classes

An alternative to live model drawing classes.

Doing model drawing classes regularly is crucial for any artist.

#90 - What We Can Learn From Studying The Illustrations By Heinrich Kley

Introducing a great course.

Marshall Vandruff had two online courses on what we can learn from the Heinrich Kley illustrations, and you can learn a lot from these courses and Heinrich Kley!

#89 - 3D Models You Can Use For For Reference For Practicing Drawing - Rotate Them, Draw Them From Observation Or Memory

Here are some example 3d models you can find on the Practice Drawing This website.

#88 - A Drawing Workout That Focuses On Negative Space To Make You Better At Drawing From Observation

Drawing negative space is about drawing what is outside objects, including the holes that let you see through them and into the background.

#87 - What Artists Can Learn From How Musicianc Practice Their Music Instruments

How to learn from people who practice other crafts.

Musicians practice through repetition, playing the same piece over and over until they own it and can play it the way they want.

#86 - A Free Workout That Helps You Practice Artistic Anatomy Through Public Domain Reference

Art academies often prepared plates for students to practice from back then. It’s a great idea; students don’t have to scramble for references.

#85 - Wax On, Wax Off For Artists - The One Drawing Exercise That Is My Swiss Army Knife For Practice Now

And here is what IS popular, even though it should not be.

My most popular posts on Pinterest are related to 3d form studies, and it is the most significant source of newsletter subscribers at the moment.

#84 - Artists Should Unlearn This Bad Habit - An Effective Way To Shut Down Your Inner Critic And Become A Better Artist

Be a happier artist and improve as an artist much more rapidly.

After drawing, don’t feel bad you made mistakes! They point you at something you can focus your attention on to improve.

#83 - Why A Teacher At Art Academy Taught Us This One Thing - Take A Step Back

One important way you can improve your art.

At my art academy, we had a teacher who had set himself a goal of teaching us one specific thing: to take a step back.

#82 - Why The Size Of Your Sketchbook Is Important For Both The Quality OF Your Art AND Your Creative Process

On the relative virtues of large and small sketchbooks.

When you go outside, it is a good idea to always have a sketchbook on you.

#81 - More Drawing Workouts - Sequences Of Drawing Exercises That Go Well Together

Two more drawing workouts.

In this article, I’d like to share two more drawing workouts! They are both fun and easy ones: drawing shapes from observation and memory.

#80 - Drawing Workouts - Sequences Of Drawing Exercises That Go Well Together

Here are one drawing workout.

I am creating “Drawing Workouts,”; a series of short drawing exercises that go well together in sequence.

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