#7 - Fiction Or Non-Fiction, Which Of The Two Can Be More Timeless? The Answer Will Surprise You

On the timeless nature of good art.

One of the reasons some people are attracted to writing non-fiction is that it feels like it can be timeless. We’re all afraid of death, and all want to leave something behind in this world. We all want to become immortal.

#6 - Would Hand-Written and Drawn Emails and Blog Posts Work?

Would it not be cool if we sent each other hand-written letters again?

As you can see, I am experimenting with hand-written emails and blog posts. I haven’t seen anyone else try this even though email is so suitable for this!

#5 - I Tried Making Romance Novel Illustrations, And This Is What I Learned

My short venture into story illustration.

Some years ago, I decided I wanted to try to make illustrations for stories. I posted on Twitter, asking the writing community if anyone would be interested in trying it out. I’d do it for free.

#4 - Ideas That Help Keep A Drawing Habit While On Vacation

Drawing while on holiday!

I just came back from a wonderful, superb—and therefore too short—holiday with great friends—hi, you-know-who-you-are!—in Normandy. I had taken several books with me with the plan to copy from them.

#3 - What Artists Can Learn From Making YouTube Videos

On what you can learn from other art forms.

As you know, I have been trying my hand at making YouTube videos. One cool thing about it is that, when it comes to audience retention, the things you can do to make your video a success actually translate well to other things you make!

#2 - Is It Bad For Artists To Copy Other Artists, Or Are There Good Sides To It?

On why you should consider copying art.

I often say that it is good practice to copy other artists. But isn’t that bad?

#1 - Why I Am Now On YouTube, Some Thoughts On The Relative Merits Of Different Platforms For Artists

A deep dive into the pros and cons of open and closed social media platforms, and the importance of having goals as an artist.

You need to set goals in life, but the thing is, which goal you choose doesn’t actually matter as much. This is because actually reaching a goal isn’t that much fun. I mean, it feels great for a short while, but then you feel empty inside and you’re rudderless, without direction. What to do now?

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